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The German Journal of Sports Medicine is directed to translational science and clinical practice of Sports Medicine and its adjacent fields, which investigate the influence of physical activity, exercise, training and sports, as well as a lack of exercise affecting healthy people and patients of all age-groups. It addresses implications for prevention, diagnosis, therapy, rehabilitation and physical training as well as the entire Sports Medicine and research in sports science, physiology and biomechanics.

The Journal is the leading and most widely read German journal in the field of Sports Medicine. Readers are physicians, physiologists and sports scientists as well as physiotherapists, coaches, sport managers, and athletes. The journal offers to the scientific community online open access to its scientific content and online communication platform.

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Heft 1/2017 | Issue 1/2017

Nutrition and Sports
Ernährung und Sport

  • German Sports Medicine in Crisis – Causes and Solutions
  • Magnesium in Ambitious Popular Sport – an Update
  • The Prevalence of Orthorectic Eating Behavior of Student Athletes
  • Effects of Ergogenic Substances of a Sports Beverage on Endurance Performance: a Randomized Cross-Over Study
  • Development of the Activity Module of the School-Based Health Promotion Program „Join the Healthy Boat“
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Heft 2/2017 | Issue 2/2017

Sports Sciences

  • Sport Medicine Support and Research – Reflections on an Olympic Year
  • Overuse Syndromes in Sports and Occupational Medicine. A Comparative Study
  • Arthroplasties and Sport
  • State of the Art: Protection Masks in Professional Sports – a Case Study
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Heft 3/2017 | Issue 3/2017

Clinical Sports Medicine
Klinische Sportmedizin

  • Get Moving!
  • Physical Training Influences the Immune System of Breast Cancer Patients
  • Effectiveness of Different Compensating Exercises after Static Stretching
  • Night Versus Day Orienteering – an Analysis of Differences in Speed
  • Advanced AV-Block in a 53 Year old Triathlete: Physiological or Pathological?
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Heft 4/2017 | Issue 4/2017

Health & Physical Activity
Gesundheit & Bewegung

  • (Overweight-)Prevention in Germany
  • Health and Economy – Why We Need to Promote Physical Activity in Children
  • Current Evidence and Use of Physical Activity in the Treatment of Mental Illness: A Literature Review
  • Analysis of Sedentary Times of Children and Adolescents between 4 and 20 Years
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Heft 5/2017 | Issue 5/2017

Sports Orthopedics

  • Dogmata versus Evidence in Operative Sports Medicine – We Must Actively Regain Control of Practice
  • Hip Replacement and Return to Sports
  • Cohort Survey on Prevalence and Subjectively-Perceived Effects of Kinesiotape
  • Karate-Based Self-Regulation of Shoulder-Neck-Pain
  • Trunk Movements in Freestyle Swimming with Particular Attention to the Injury Potential of the Spine
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Heft 6/2017 | Issue 6/2017

Sports Cardiology

  • Sports Cardiology Qualification
  • New International Recommendations for ECG Interpretation in Athletes: Panta Rhei or Final Version
  • Atrial Fibrillation: Sports and Oral Anticoagulation
  • Skipping Hearts Goes to School: Short-Term Effects
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Heft 7-8/2017 | Issue 7-8/2017

Obesity & Physical Activity
Adipositas & Bewegung

  • Obesity Has Legs
  • Inflammation during Obesity – Pathophysiological Concepts and Effects of Physical Activity
  • Whole-Body EMS to Fight Sarcopenic Obesity – a Review with Emphasis on Body Fat
  • Sarcopenia: Causes and Treatments
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Heft 9/2017 | Issue 9/2017

The Efficiency of Performance
Wirkungsgrad von Training

  • Use Increasingly the Potentials of Individualization in Sports and Health Coaching
  • Upper Respiratory Tract Infections in Elite Athletes: Risk Factors, Prevention and Return to Sports
  • Energy Cost of Running Related to Running Intensity and Peak Oxygen Uptake
  • The Efficiency of Muscular Exercise
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Heft 10/2017 | Issue 10/2017

Sports Orthopedics

  • Appeal towards Convincing Exercise Recommendations for Patients with Osteoarthritis
  • Sonography in Sports Injuries – Subs Bench or Underestimated Veteran?
  • Acute and Chronic Elbow Instabilities
  • Dose-Response-Relationship between Physical Activity and Cognition in Elderly
  • Endurance Profiles of German Elite Swimmers over Three Decades
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Heft 11/2017 | Issue 11/2017

Sports Medicine in Transition
Sportmedizin im Wandel

  • Sports Medicine in Transition
  • A Run a Day Keeps Lipids at Bay? Regular Exercise as a Treatment of Dyslipidaemias
  • Sports Psychiatry and Psychotherapy – Disturbed Eating Behavior and Eating Disorders in High-performance Sport
  • Effects of Moderate Interval Training on Heart Rate Variability among Primary School Children
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Heft 12/2017 | Issue 12/2017

Sports Sciences

  • Die wachsende Bedeutung immunregu-latorischer Effekte von körperlicher Aktivität
  • Die Medizin ignoriert Nikotingebrauch als Krankheit
  • Smoking Cessation – an Update
  • What Kind of Leisure Sports is Suitable for Adults with Congenital Heart Diseases?
  • Effects of Whole-Body-Electromyostimulation on Low Back Pain – a Review of the Evidence
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