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The German Journal of Sports Medicine is directed to translational science and clinical practice of Sports Medicine and its adjacent fields, which investigate the influence of physical activity, exercise, training and sports, as well as a lack of exercise affecting healthy people and patients of all age-groups. It addresses implications for prevention, diagnosis, therapy, rehabilitation and physical training as well as the entire Sports Medicine and research in sports science, physiology and biomechanics.

The Journal is the leading and most widely read German journal in the field of Sports Medicine. Readers are physicians, physiologists and sports scientists as well as physiotherapists, coaches, sport managers, and athletes. The journal offers to the scientific community online open access to its scientific content and online communication platform.

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Current Article

Issue 6/2017

Sports Cardiology

Löllgen H

New International Recommendations for ECG Interpretation in Athletes: Panta Rhei or Final Version


Within the last twelve years, many consensus conferences and working groups have reported new recommendations for ECG interpretation in endurance exercise athletes. New data have improved validity and reliability of resting ECG in athletes, reducing especially false positive findings.
In particular, these new recommendations classify ECG signs of hypertrophy and enlargement of ventricles or atria, or axis deviation in isolation as borderline findings. Conversely, signs of hypertrophy or enlargements associated with other abnormal findings require further evaluation. In addition, procedures for the diagnostic evaluation of abnormal findings are described in detail.
With this recommendation, the reliability of the resting ECG is superior to anamnesis and clinical examination in the recognition of abnormal findings, and should be a mandatory part of pre-participation examination for all athletes. Even though the reliability is supported by integrated PC-assisted ECG analysis, special cardiological knowledge in ECG interpretation is required. Therefore, special education in sports cardiology is strongly recommended for all qualified sports physicians.

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will take pace on 14th and 15th of November 2017 in Düsseldorf. Please find further information on MEDICA







Wildor Hollmann feiert seinen 92. Geburtstag!

Am 30. Januar 2017 feierte Prof. Wildor Hollmann seinen 92. Geburtstag.

Prof. Hollmann hat maßgeblich zum heutigen Erfolg der Deutschen Zeitschrift für Sportmedizin beigetragen! Er war von 1960–1998 Chefredakteur der DZSM - also fast 40 Jahre lang!

Zu seinen Ehren hat die Deutsche Zeitschrift für Sportmedizin (DZSM) die Ausgabe 2/2015 "Neuroplastizität & Sport" gewidmet.

Die gesamte Deutsche Zeitschrift für Sportmedizin sowie der Verein zur Förderung der Sportmedizin e.V. und die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sportmedizin und Prävention e.V. gratulieren dem Jubilaren herzlich!


Zertifizierte Fortbildungen - CME


Im aktuellen Heft können Sie für folgenden Artikel CME-Punkte erwerben:


Heft 2/2017

Endoprothesen und Sport

Cassel M, Brecht P, Günther K-P, Mayer F. Endoprothesen und Sport. Dtsch Z Sportmed. 2017; 68: 38-42. doi:10.5960/dzsm.2016.267


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10th Congress of EFSMA in Portugal

The Eiropean Congress of EFSMA (European Federation of Sports Medicine Associations) will be organized for the 10th time, and also the 20th anniversary of EFSMA will be celebrated on 16th to 18th of November 2017 in Cascais, Portugal in the Estoril Congress Center according to the motto „Feel our energy“.

Abstracts can be submitted until 7th of April. Please find further information on






Prof. Dr. med. habil. Dr. h. c. Kurt Tittel *19.07.1920 †20.08.2016

Professor Kurt Tittel was one of the most famous Sports Physicians in East Germany. He died at the age of 96 on August 20.


> Full Obituary in German Language by Professor Wildor Hollmann

> Full Obituary in German Language by Professor Georg Neumann





Sportweltspiele der Medizin und Gesundheit

Die 38. Sportweltspiele der Medizin und Gesundheit finden vom 1. bis 8. Juli 2017 in Marseille, Frankreich statt. Es ist das

größte Sportereignis für Mediziner und Kollegen aus den gesundheitlichen Berufen. Die Sportstadt Marseille ist Austragungsort des jährlichen Events aus Sport, Unterhaltung und Fachkongress.

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